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And We are Outta HERE!

Donnie a posted Jun 2, 14
It was nothing more then an attempt to bring good friends to a new game, and was slightly successful.  It did a better job of making new friends.  Most of the founders never made it to max level, even fewer got to see a nightmare mode, but the mentality was always to move forward.  Unfortunately with the tax of the summer, the lack of content, and the failure of accountability.  The foundation that was built, was left with out support, and the collapse was eminent.  The remaining leadership decided it was best to lock the doors, and bring down the building.

For 2 1/2 years SuckaFish was able to become a staple upon the SWTOR raiding community.  A beacon as it were for class guides, video strategies and some laughs.  Make no mistakes we had the best DPS this game could produce and was vital to our success.  Amounting in a World First NiM TFB timed run, 4 US first clears, and Bastions power house PVE guild since we showed up in June of 2012.

Thank you all, from the original members of the Facebook chat, to our last recruit.  Special thanks to those who supported us weather by routing for us in the streams, to the ones who hung outside the raid instance, to the progression team.  You all helped us achieve the pinnacle of the game.  For those left without a home you know how to contact me and will set you up for at least your leveling xp while you look for a new place to raid. 

No one ever knows what the future may hold.  Many have gotten spots in new guilds, some moved on from the game entirely.  I can't say we won't try this again in this game, only the future knows for sure.  None the less the summer will be without SuckaFish.  Look for the remnants in WildStar, and keep your eye on the page, you never know what we may come up with. 

mebela it was fun while it lasted. Good luck.
Fatal-N-Felony rip my one true love
Donnie a for those who may not believe me.

All- SuckaFish

Donnie a posted May 27, 14
Well, with the doors closing up, I got to sit down and have a thought. In college football you get the All-SEC, All Pac-12, All American and so on. So what would that be for us?. Well this is what I came up with if I had a choice to hand pick people for a single 8 man guild to take it on all over again. Realize this is 2 1/2 years of raiding and only includes people I raided with. So for a 8 man raid team you 2 tanks, 4 dps, and 2 healers, and I'll take one rotational spot cause not everyone can be there all the time and for dps it could be just too hard to do. So here you have what I would call the All- SuckaFish raid team.

Fuyri- Assassin Tank
Puddlezz- Juggernaut Tank

Rotation: Donn- Powertech Tank


Gorband- Marauder DPS
Steadfast- Marauder DPS
Roovin- Sniper DPS
Captncoke- Mercenary DPS (I prefer the original name)

Rotation: Hargrimm- Marauder DPS


Phebus- Sorc Healer (or lets face it he could tank or heal on anything he wanted to)
Colord Kolto- Operative Healer

Rotational: Akam Mercenary Healer

It was a pleasure raiding with you all, too bad there was time in between some of these men playing with each other.
Khamic People think that they are good until they get replaced by the newer model Damn you cap'n'coke you have that ...
Tigg a Sorry to hear about the disbanding. Had a lot of fun for two years. If only Mae and I had healed all of our US and World...
Khamic NOooo Why isnt my(insert player name) in that list im so gud ....Sarcasm

NiM Brontes

Steadfast a posted Apr 27, 14
A huge thanks to everyone who played a roll in the NiM Dread Fortress progression and stuck with it. 

Though the connection issues, and everything else that had to alter their schedules to make things happen. Huge thanks go out to Garik, Pizza'dah'hutt, Apricotz, Kand, Spirella, Fatal-Threat, Colored-Kolto, Akam, as well as Donn, Khamic, Quiilart, and Akali. 

It was well done kill with 6/8 raid members surviving the finally pull. A huge thanks to those who sat around and made themselves available and those who crafted for us. 

Great job to everyone looking foreward to next week ;) 
Tigg a Congratz guys. Great job.
Quiilart Can we get drunk in the cantina and remove our clothing? I am serious...get the whole of fleet to come down and party wi...

Farewell to Fuyri

Tigg a posted Mar 26, 14
Today we said goodbye to one of our very best members in Fuyri. 

Fuyri, we couldn't have accomplished our US First TFB and S&V NiM clears without you. You brought so much to our raid. From your tanking skills which were as elite as they come to your ability to understand encounters from multiple perspectives.

Furthermore, when I needed some time off you eagerly took the reins and handled all of the day to day guild activities for a few months. I truly appreciate it and I will always be grateful to you for that.

You leave a big void that will require Spirella, Fatal and Joker to step up and fill. We have total confidence in them. Nonetheless you will be missed.

Fellow guild members, please join me in saying goodbye to Fuyri. We wish you well.
CuddleMcSnuffles *Cry* U taught me so much about tanking, thanks so much man. Be good in your future MMOs.
MaeBeeBuzz we'll definitely miss you. It's been a long time, and a lot of raids. You were a hugely important part of th...
Khamic i don't get it hes not gone yet cause nightmare is not out/cleared

PTS Coming Down

MaeBeeBuzz posted Mar 26, 14
According to Tait's recent Dev Post, the PTS will be coming down March 31, at 10am CDT.  

That means this week is our last chance to get PTS time in, get strats down, and make sure we get progression off on the right foot. 

I know things have been a little chaotic lately, but lets buckle down and get serious.  This is a guild effort.  I hope you're all here because you want to be the best, be involved with the best, and are willing to do your part, no matter what it is.  Whether you get significant play time, or only see a few pulls, or aren't brought in at all, that doesn't mean you aren't an important part of this guild.  We need everyone's support, positive attitude, and absolute focus and commitment. 

There are no breaks during progression.  It's all day, every day, until we finish.  Stock up on snacks.  Get a bottle to pee in.  Bring an extra cushion.  

Nucca a i always have a catheter in. 24/7 son
Vulmyss Hell yes! Go team!
CuddleMcSnuffles That video...I laughed so hard I almost fell out of my chair. Imma go watch the whole episode now.
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